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Coming Out Cutting Dubplates & One Off Vinyl Records!

Wow what a 12 months plus of mayhem it has been for us all and the faults dubplate cutting with the Lockdowns due to the worldwide Covid 19 pandemic. It has also been a bit of a catastrophe here in the Yard with the cutting gods wreaking havoc with the vinyl cutterhead as well as the cutting amplifier. The old Scully lathe itself is running smoothly. But even with all of this i must be thankful for health and strength and the ability to continue my love and passion cutting Dubplate's inna di yard!

The Scully vinyl lathe cutting dubplates 4 the underground!

The past 12 months plus have been full of nothing but frustration after years off good excellent service from one thing to another with these 2 pieces of equipment and without the knowledge available in the UK to repair or rebuild as was the case with the cutting amp pictured below. And same as the cutting amplifier a misdiagnosis of the cutterhead just added to even more months and months of waiting for myself and clients. And then to top things off the amp was broken in transit after repairs by courier company.

Each time there was a false hope of things working then trying to use and finding a problem was just a little too much at times. along with these restrictions that i'm sure has affected most of our mental health if only slightly lol.

The rebuilt Flokason VC200 vinyl cutting amplifier

We hope to be cutting again with the new VC200 cutting amplifier and refurbished cutting head in the coming weeks all work has been completed by the original Designer/Engineer Flo Kaufmann patiently waiting for delivery of the amp and head from the Flokason audio workshop in Switzerland.

It has been a very demanding year all round i have not had the service necessary to continue but continue i will, why is it after all these years do i have to ask myself is it because i am a black man i feel i have not been treated fairly. Thank god that the Black Lives Matter movement has given me the confidence to keep questioning and fighting for change and equality for all.

I am proud to be black and carrying on my Jamaican heritage and cutting dubplates for all!


I would like to pay homage to the recently departed dub cutting master Leon Chue of Music House another brother gone from an industry where we as black people have so much musical input, but hardly any in the vinyl cutting industry, the clue is in the name Dubplate! It was you Mr Chue who made me want to cut dubplates and set up a lathe as well i salute rest in eternal bliss brother!

The first use of dubplates is commonly attributed to sound engineer King Tubby and reggae sound systems such as Lloyd Coxsone and Killamanjaro. ... As such, these would become known as "dubplate specials" often remarking on the prowess of the sound system playing it, in a bid to win the clash.

Although our relationship was not vinyl related i want to give a big shout out to the late great UK Rapper TY - Ben Chijioke thank you for all of your support over the years it will never be forgotten you are greatly missed my brother, may you rest in eternal peace gone but not forgotten! I would definitely like to know why my people of colour Black and Asian have a much higher mortality rate from this evil disease.

Shout out to my brother Jason Goz of transition mastering hit this brother up for all your laquer cutting and acetate dubplate needs thank you for the support Mr Goz i salute you sir!

We cut 7, 10 & 12" inch one off vinyl dubplates on PVC blanks at Byron's Yard we hope to be cutting again for all who want in the next week or so god willing so feel free to drop us a line or call if you would like to have a record cut. Stay safe all and keep on spinning those records.