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Faqs on One Off vinyl record cutting!

Where can i attend and get a one off vinyl record cut in London?

Byrons Yard is a vinyl cutting room in Walthamstow east London that boasts a 1950’s built Scully Vinyl Mastering Lathe and is one of very few places where you can pop in and have a custom lathe cut one off vinyl record made while you wait. Just a few minutes walk from Blackhorse road Victoria line tube station, have no fear if you cant attend we can ship your record worldwide.

One Off Vinyl Record Cutting at Byrons Yard

How do i make my own vinyl record?

You just need to bring along your audio files as wav or aiff files for best quality but we can cut from mp3, or send the files ahead with dropbox, yousendit etc. Make sure that all files are correctly labelled if you need printed labels please send or bring along the label art as a jpeg, tiff or pdf.

You will then be able to make your own vinyl record, or compile your vinyl mixtape. Audio can be cut on 7, 10 or 12” blanks at 33/3, 45 & 78rpm, your one off record or dubplate have your record cut onto black, clear or white vinyl blanks and then customise with printed labels.

Can my band cut a small or short run of vinyl for a release?​

increasingly more and more bands, producers, labels and musicians are looking to cut one off vinyl releases where it is possible to cut say 20 or 30 copies of an original release, these make for great collectors items and are all individually lathe cut at Byrons Yard. The most popular and cost effective is our 20 x 7” package with full col labels at £190 plus shipping these can normally be turned around within 2 - 3 weeks.

printed labels one off vinyl records!

Can i cut songs from my iTunes library to vinyl?

Yes and its legal as long as you own and have purchased the songs digitally. Aware of the legal situation regarding the reproduction of copyrighted music, that in accordance with the Audio Home Recording Act of 1992, customers would be allowed to make non-commercial copies of any legally purchased recordings. So it is totally legal of you to put that song you own that never made it onto vinyl, but be able to have a copy to play yourself. So as long you are not planning on selling you are allowed to make 1 copy for yourself of any recordings that you own.​

Have a listen to this record cut at Byrons Yard!