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Want to sell your bands music on vinyl without the lengthy pressing process?

Releasing your music on vinyl as an independent label, band or a solo artist, if you are on the gig circuit or selling online is a great idea for your fans. Producing a run of lathe cut vinyl records or dubplates is a quick and organic way of getting your music to your followers.

White blank custom vinyl record

Yes a run of lathe cut vinyl will cost you more to produce per unit than a record pressed in a vinyl pressing plant but is a totally different product even though it sounds looks and plays back the same way as a pressed record you will aso have the product in your hands a lot quicker.

Vinyl lathe Cutting Head

A custom lathe cut record run every record is individually cut it is not a pressing and should be sold as such. Every record is cut in real time on our scully vinyl mastering lathe at Byrons Yard. And taking into account that by doing a small run of only 20 lathe cut vinyl records that these records automatically have a rarity value amongst your fans and also to collectors for years to come.

Trapped Animal split custom vinyl 7 inch release

And as such it is very understandable that they are sold at a higher price than mass produced record pressings.

Along with printed labels with a short run, it is also easy to personalise your run of records by designing, drawing, screen printing your own sleeves, stamping numbering signing each record individually, a personalised message on each record all ways of personalising the experience for the record buyer.

screen printed 7 inch sleeves

How about teaming up with another band or artist to produce a split single that way you are both promoting each other and reducing the outlay in production costs.

One label we were happy to work with was the up and coming Cambridge based Trapped Animal Records on their split 7-inch single release with singer songwriters Kerry Devine on 1 side and Maia Sofia on the flip side.

We cut 20 x 7 inch Custom vinyl records or vinyl dubplates on the Scully lathe on white vinyl blanks along with printing custom labels with artwork supplied by the client.

With the price of 20 x 7 inch singles all individually lathe cut with printed labels costing £180 and being ready in 2 to 3 weeks, theres nothing stopping you having your songs available on record for your gigs and website etc, so lets get cutting.