Preparing For One-Off Vinyl Cutting


MP3s and WMA files are generally poor quality and if it can be helped, best not used for cutting One Off Vinyl Dubplates or for laquer Mastering. The best formats are WAV, Flac or AIFF

Audio is best supplied as 16 or 24bit WAV/AIFF files with a sample rate of 44.1kHz or above is best.

A custom one-off vinyl cut at Byrons Yard

Record your tracks at -6dB to -3dB to give us some headroom.

Please do not normalize your tracks or use limiters, maximizers or stereo imaging on your mixes/Master Bus. Very important for Dubplate and laquer cutting be sure to de-ess vocals and try not to mix the cymbals too high as this all impacts on the cut.



Custom printed labels are available with your one off vinyl record is best to supply your label artwork at minimum 300dpi resolution as jpeg, tiff or pdf, please allow artwork to bleed 3mm past the cut line of templates that are supplied on request. Also keep all text and images at lest 3mm inside the cutline and remove the template when returning your artwork, templates are to be used as a guide. 


For the best sounding and loudest cuts it is best to stick to our optimum cutting times for each size of record. If you have any questions regarding preparing your order just get in touch.

7" at 45rpm 4minutes

10" at 45rpm 6minutes

10" at 33rpm 8minutes

12" at 45rpm 8minutes

12" at 33rpm 20minutes

per side!